ExperimentalGames is a one-man game development company designed to implement all the things that will come to that man's twisted mind. Every bit of software displayed on this page is a product of fantasy, love to code and the will to create something that was never here before.

I like to make games. If you have an idea of an awesome game or you need a small project for PR or any other reasons - welcome to my Facebook!

DungeonRift As part of RiftyGames.
Type: Commercial.
Status: Steam Early Access.
Genre: Arcade, Rogue-lite.
Platform: Desktop.

DungeonRift is arena-like dungeon crawl where your enemies grow and learn new perks instead of you. Every time you defeat them, the Rift will rebuild the dungeon around you and grant your enemies with more tools to defeat you.

SimLift Type: Commercial.
Status: Live on GooglePlay, evolving.
Genre: Arcade, Puzzle.
Platform: Android.

To sympathize the elevator, you must understand the elevator. To understand the elevator, you must become the elevator. This game offers you an opportunity to see how hard it is to be an Elevator. Impatient passengers, emergencies and even heart-breaking breakdowns. Are you able to satisfy all the habitants of your multi-story house? Get ready to some real challenges!

Release Challenge Type: PR.
Status: Live on GooglePlay.
Genre: Arcade.
Platform: Android.

Simple concept with a twist. Control the QA team, live through the development process in Badoo and do not let any bugs to be deployed on production!

The game was featured on Heizenbug 2017 conference in Moscow and a bunch of Badoo hosted meetups.

The Last Blue One Type: Commercial.
Status: Greenlit on Steam, preparing to publish.
Genre: Arcade, Story-driven.
Platform: Desktop, Web.

A game about the darkness, hope and loneliness. Guide the Last Blue One through hostile depths of lightless world to save Green Ones from villainous Red Ones and discover the fate of your own kind.

Match Cards Type: PR.
Status: Live.
Genre: Puzzle.
Platform: Android.

Traditional game rethinked in dating theme. Play classic "Pairs" game while matching people to help them find their love!

Armored Rascals As part of RiftyGames.
Type: Hackaton project.
Status: Frozen.
Genre: Arcade.
Platform: Web.

Armored Rascals is arcade top-down shooter based on various military vehicles. Capture territories to add new vehicles to your squad and jump into them at any time to utilize right weapon for right situation.

Through The Needle's Eye Type: Experiment.
Status: Frozen.
Genre: Arcade.
Platform: Web.

Through The Needle's Eye is a simple arcade game, which I've created while experimenting with some Unity mechanics. You take control of an abstract object on it's way through the world full of obstacles. Each one has a hole in it. Why? Don't ask stupid questions, it's a game after all!